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Pierre and Fidel Were Communist/Luciferians With a Common Bond: Justin

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Published on 15 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

Pierre was going to be Canada's Communist Party Leader, but Freemasons figured the USA people would not smile at that. So Justin's step-dad became the Liberal Leader instead for the rigged politics of Corporation-Canada.

Freemasons can be collectivists, fascists, communists, but always a Luciferian once given the secret agenda of the Mystery School Cult.

All Luciferians toil at their "great work" which is rebuilding the infrastructure to provide their "Lucifer" with a "vessel."
The big, beast, bull at the opening ceremonies of the 2022 Commonwealth Games is the symbolic vessel for that worshipful Lucifer would be housed.

The symbolic Tower-Of-Babel rising in the back-drop is what Lucifer is already running with the power to model the entire human activities upon Earth... And that is the A.i. quantum-supercomputers linked together and likely all deep underground away from Nature's fury.

This is what Justin is working towards as Canada's Old Ways get heaped-up for a big burning...

From the ashes Luciferians will hummm within their world-wide brainchip-hivemind: "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" and "Per Aspera Ad Astra"

William Cooper warned what the secret societies were up-to to rebuild Atlantis over a smoldering North America. And now they can talk about it within their world-wide hivemind.

The Luciferian Cult is all about destroying Homo sapiens genetics through trickery while dreaming they will be rewarded by becoming cyborgs algorithms and going to the stars.... A Thousand Points Of Light.

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