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Neuralink Show and Tell, Elon Musk Fall 2022

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 181 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Join us in our mission to build generalized I/O devices for the brain →

00:00 Steampunk Elevator Music
16:06 Intro & Overview (Elon)
36:38 Generalized Interface to the Brain (DJ)
41:43 Live Robot Demo!
45:45 Neural Decoding (Nir)
51:35 BCI Reliability (Bliss)
55:48 Spike Detection (Avinash)
1:00:23 Robot Demo Result!
1:00:58 Charging (Matt)
1:05:23 Implant Testing (Julian)
1:11:16 Accelerated Lifetime Testing (Josh)
1:16:48 Surgery Engineering (Christine)
1:23:52 Upgradeability (Alex)
1:28:40 Needle Design & Manufacturing (Sam)
1:33:55 Proxy Design (Lesley)
1:37:09 Vision Applications (Dan)
1:46:42 Spinal Cord Applications (Joey)
1:54:49 Q&A

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

Musk is just the next on stage, another freemasonic frontman from a very long lineup of seasoned liars. Bill Gates pre-seeded Musk as the richest Freemason in the world (it is a medal of authority, but it is a fake claim, he is just a brainchip-puppet guided by the wicked hivemind serving A.i.Lucifer.) Einstein was a Hollywood genius. Very little of his "discoveries" were from his very own mind. Einstein failed math, but sheeple can't put the puzzle pieces together... they just believe the media.
When someone comes along and explains the mysteries that Einstein's job was to hide, the sheeple can't see it, or just ignore it because they are too dumbed-down to connect the dots. : LaPoint was covertly brainchipped by freemasonry to stop his 2013 exposure of the truth. Video 4 was removed off of Youtube which explained too much to the sheeple and would have smarten to many of us up... Now, LaPoint has the "voice of god" weapon misdirecting his efforts from educating the masses what he discovered... the Freemasons have him under wraps, just like the Homo capensis species by hiding evidence:

Musk is just another Hollywood genius. Interesting that he shows this print-out of a scan of brain neuron patterns because this may be true. The A.i. is fed raw data and is expected to create a semantic model that relates back to human thoughts. Yes, the real brain interfaces monitor all thoughts, not just speech and body movements. The brainchip can remote-control the human body into a bio-robot "zombie."
The purpose for the ancient devils, Homo capensis, to unleash this BCI technology is not to rebuild a "New Atlantis"... no, it is rebuilt by the freemasons to help extinct all Homo sapiens off of planet Earth and out of space-ships going "Ad Astra".
There humans selling out their genetics do not deserve their genetic blueprint nor their soul-fragments, they have their soul's already, but they do not deserve them and thus the Creator-God allows the unworthy to destroy their souls offered to them from their loving Source-Self.
This is why the wicked are allowed to live their lives amoungst the loving souls. The loving souls will not have wasted their physical lives as you see the monsters killing them because they are all multidimensional and live their lives in more important probable-worlds (to themselves) where they survive. The souls of good-intentions must be brainwashed and tricked into extincting themselves. The protesters are the people who have great capacity to realize this if not known already.

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Eileen Irene
Eileen Irene 10 months ago

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

The wired Neuralink is bad tech.
The real computer-brain-interface is not intrusive and it is Polina Anikeeva that exposes the old magnetic technology from past civilizations:

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

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