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Muslims Are Being Setup and Used By Freemasons as Cannon-Fodder

JamesRoss - 237 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2023 / In People and Blogs

The Luciferians no longer will hide behind the Christians and instead are beginning to hide behind the Muslims in order to use them to help genocide the non-Cult-sworn humanity. It is just a big game of bluffing the sheeple.

The Octagon:

The Pharaoh Show:
Swizzy Beast:

Sean Hross does good research.
But he does not expose the brainchip-hivemind connecting all the secret societies together through the digital-microwaves into a genocidal army of thUgs...
All working towards the elimination of the non-Cult people from their NWO rebuilt Atlantean-Empire.

To stop the army of thUgs killing the non-Cult-sworn people, just ban all the digital microwaves which mean cellphone surveillance will also end.

The old devils, Homo capensis, are these pharaohs that Sean connects to Switzerland and the rise of thUgtopia or the NWO:


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