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LUJACK vs. JUMP; "Intelligent Design or Biological Evolution?" 12/28/2022.mp4

Scripture Truth Ministries
Published on 02 Jan 2023 / In Spiritual

Lujack vs. Jump, "Intelligent Design or Biological Evolution?"
A debate was held on 12/28/2022 between George Lujack, theist and founder of Scripture Truth Ministries vs. Tom Jump, atheist. Lujack proposes that Elohim (God), who exists from everlasting to everlasting, is supernatural, is not bound by the laws of nature, and is the Creator of the universe, Earth, and all life upon the Earth. Jump proposes that matter itself has always existed and is eternal, a product without a Producer, and matter itself created the universe, Earth, and formed all by itself to become life on Earth.

During the course of the debate, Tom Jump, atheist, claimed that Richard Dawkins, an atheist-evolutionist-author, never claimed that something could come from nothing.

That was NOT TRUE:
Richard Dawkins: "Something Can Come From Nothing" (he states this at the 50-second mark):,vid:KeSZN5l61F8,st:72

During the course of the debate, Tom Jump, atheist, claimed that hyenas do not eat bones and sea scavengers (worms) do not eat whale bones, as whale bones frequently drop to the sea floor and fossilize.

Hyenas are famed for their bone-cracking jaws and ability to eat everything, bones and all, but bone only counts for a small part of their diet, while polychaete worms in the genus Osedax digest the fat and bone of dead whales worldwide.

Egyptian Chariot remains discovered:

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