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Langlade County Rejects 2020 Election, Tina Peters Railroaded in CO Race, China Firm Buys North Dakota Land

Published on 02 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Langlade County Wisconsin has joined the state of Texas and Maricopa County Arizona in unanimously rejecting the 2020 election. Chinese firm buys 300 acres of land 20 minutes from U.S. Airforce drone base. Tik Tok bans the Babylon Bee. House lawmaker introduces bill to ban IRS from buying ammunition. White House journalists demand end to Biden's restrictive pre screening of reporters. Pat Cippolone claims he was not at the white house on the morning of January 6th, as Cassidy Hutchinson testified to. Why is Elon Musk visiting the Pope, why did Nancy Pelosi also visit him? Biden administration halts second largest LNG plant from restarting operations. Meta slashes hiring plans by 30%. How did Tina Peters happen to lose her race in Colorado when she was up by 15% late in the evening? She ended up losing the race by 20 points, an almost impossible 35 point turnaround. How did a third person in the race, Mike O'Donnell get 28% of the vote? Many things don't add up in the Colorado Secretary of State GOP Primary race. How did a Zuckerberg stooge win a GOP Primary race? Moderna Vaccine increases Myocarditis risk by up to 44% in young adults. Does the movie surrogates have something to do with what is now called meta? The idea seems the same, the movie is from 2009 where everyone lives online and you use an avatar to go through the world. Congress quietly bans federal funds from Iran, China, Russia. The First Space Force class has graduated. More news.


(Beavis and Butthead White Privilege)

(Surrogates Movie 2009)

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