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“#ChristIsKing”! Crusades, Mary-land’s Gov., Owens “Comes Home”, War Crimes, Rogan Likes Buff Blue Penises

Giovanni "Johnny" Cirucci
Published on 24 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

CTB 2024-04-24 Dr. Blue Schlong
Topic List:
* Johnny’s run down: what’s wrong?
* brief interlude whilst Johnny chats with his wife
* Candace Owens has “come home”.
* Christ-haters BOLD gas-lighting “#ChristIsKing!”
* The secret agenda behind religious wars.
* Johnny explains what “Protestant” and “Christian” means.
* Johnny explains what’s wrong with wide-open borders: is it race or something else?
* Rome’s brutal “Crusade” against the Christians of Europe.
* Does Revelation 12 speak of the Waldenses?
* What are the Commandments a Christian needs to obey?
* Johnny addresses his language...again.
* The far-Left minorities that manage the Papal Plantation and make us suffer.
* The secret society roots of “Johns Hopkins” compared to “the Mayo Clinic”.
* “Wes” Moore is on top ‘o the world, Ma! —and requiring Mary-land children be indoctrinated in “climate change” by “Executive Order”.
* The wife of “Wes” Moore is a “philanthropist”.
* “Wes” Moore’s “historically black” fraternity is proud of him. Is there something else in play?
* During the heat of the “pandemic”, “Wes” Moore says “black men like my daddy are hardest hit by viruses”.
* Johnny schools Bill on the best Candace Owens Catholic baby factory vid.
* Johnny just picked up a HUGE expense to bring you better graphics. Hit that tab!
* Candace Owens has “come home”...but where exactly is that?
* Kanye “Christ is King” West is starting “Yeezy porn” with a friend of Donald Trump’s.
* As the Jesuit Machine uses all it’s media presstitutes to froth up Antisemitism, the weakest and most vulnerable will be slaughtered.
* All of “X” is welcoming Candace “home”; but who are these profiles and what are they pushing?
* Are there anatomical difficulties to Donald Trump having normal coitus?
* Candace Owens: “Everybody knows you don’t cross the Jews.” Bold, vicious Antisemitism on BitChute. Don’t the Jews control it?
* Johnny contrasts his coarse language to the Holodomor and the demonic crimes of the Ustachi.
* Was the Candace Owens’ “firing” by Ben Shapiro scripted: here’s some evidence.
* The Whore of Babylon hates herself AND her minions and this is how she shows it.
* Who has more coverage, “Jews” or Jews who hate Jews?
* Joe Rogan interviewing his Austin neighbor “Michael Malice” was not what Johnny was hoping. Must all bring gifts before the Great Rogan?
* When the conversation turns to comicbooks, Johnny has a smoking gun.
* How does Paul Pelosi pay for sex?
* Rogan and “Malice” mock the Geek Critiquers.
* The people will always need protection from bullies. Today, that “protection” are the bullies!
* Here’s the solution!
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