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Kristen Meghan(year old news) is a former Air Force pilot turned Whistle-blower of Chemtrail Poisoning before Plandemic Poisoning(No Virus, Just Assassin's Poisons)

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Published on 11 Jan 2023 / In People and Blogs

With a bit of research you will make the connection that Freemasons have sold-out their own genetics because they have become a brainchipped-hivemind-army of thUgs. They serve and hide the ancient, failed-mankind, Homo capensis, and that is where they get all their high-tech to help them genocide the non-Cult-sworn people.

The Freemasons in the CIA coined the phrase: "conspiracy theorist" after the JFK assassination. With the clot-shot genocide now being conducted, it is plain to see that the wicked are hard a work to extinct humanity... they wicked even poison themselves because they are tricked by the ancient lies from Homo capensis that technology can upload their minds away from their bodies.
No, that is another devils' lie. Freemasons walk around gloating how smart they are to be "in the know" when in fact they are the most treacherous and stupidest Homo sapiens alive to trade off their Creator-God given genetics to spiritually-expand their species... only to give it all up for a lie from the ancient, failed-mankind, Homo capensis.

Brainchip zombies are next after the clot-shot, plandemic, . The zombies are just bio-robots remote controlled by Homo capensis and soon the A.i. supercomputer will be able to control swarms of biorobots and you can see the warnings around the world with bio-robotic attacks by sleeper-assassins.

So How Could The Creator-God Allow Such Evil To Exist?
You are actually multidimensional with multiple time-lines and many probable selves. You are already a godly being, but the Creator-God want you to show your true colors... Do you have godly, good-intent towards others? or are you just another unworthy, wicked, murderous thUg like those ancient, failed-mankind? God has given you the ability to make a difference within your customized multidimensional universe. You are godly and you can help save your world from Homo capensis' destruction and extinction of Life upon Earth.

This is why the Messenger Seth created the Sethbooks to help guide you personally towards the salvation of mankind within your chosen probable time-line. Freemasons are the "Death-Cult" servants to Homo capensis. A saviour is not as important as is your effort to help make your world a better place for everyone to live freely and happy, but Homo capensis is self-righteously greedy and wants to extinct Homo sapiens, you see... this is your chosen challenge to live through upon Earth today. You need to rise to the occasion as the monsters(ancient devils and their minions or freemasons and other thUgs) toil at extincting your species.

Freemasons have been given a fake promise to become immortal by use of technology and to become cyborgs through mind-uploads... and then act like those fictitious Star-trek BORG. These humanity sell-outs, believe and desire to lose their biological bodies, you see, which is very stupid because the flesh and blood is the soul manifested into physical reality. Sethbooks teach you this:

So the Creator-God cannot tell you that you are either growing your soul-fragment towards being more godly with love, or you choose to decay and shrivel away your soul-fragment towards unworthiness of even having an independent soul. This is why Freemasons and Homo capensis exist upon Earth... for those who choose to grow their souls rather than destroy their soul-fragment and eventually if they cannot figure this out... wickedness obliterates those unloving soul-fragments... there is no mind-upload, there is not "Ad Astra"... and Treck-BORG will never infest the Milky Way galaxy.

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rockefellerplantation 9 months ago

We live on their plantations and they use mind control to keep us here.?

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JamesRoss 9 months ago

The reason why the Messenger-Seth always said "You create your own reality" is because the Creator-God has given you the ability to use your free-will to choose through infinite probable choices. Thereby, your particular perspective is customized into your own probable-world... with you at the center of it... if you want to think of it as a plantation then it is your plantation that you hand over to the ancient monsters due to ignorance of your Present Point of Power

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