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killer robots with machine guns were invented by Freemasons and Told fellow Collectivist-China to Build and use them

JamesRoss - 194 Views
Published on 31 Jul 2022 / In Technology

Make no mistake... The USA's prosperity along with the rest of the "West" was used to develop the A.i. and communications to control killer robots.
These bots and drones will be linked to the brainchip-hivemind of the secret, Freemason thUg-network. They will use their own thoughts to direct the A.i. attacks, then claim it was a malfunctioning robot... "oh,sorry... and it will happen again. " Laws will be changed to allow killer robots in America is hivemind Freemasons in positions of authority are not rooted out and tried for genocide. I know these Mystery School thUgs are murderously self-righteous because I survived 16 years of their poisonings and arranged-"accidents" or hit-jobs like what Jeff Rense went through: I survived them all and so can you...

The "quest" of the Mystery School Cult is to change the laws of the West so to genocide the non-Cult people who want freedom. All Nature desires to be free and Homo sapiens are part of Nature.

Homo capensis hate Nature and thus also hates Homo sapiens.
Bloodline illuminati are brainwashed to desire to become cyborgs and to mesh with machines because the brainwashing also claims the human mind can become immortally A.i. with the right Uploading "Thousand-Points-of-Light" like Astana's Sun Tower:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

china was building killer robots since 2016 on one report, but here china is now expanding the killer robots to link up to the wwCult's brainchipped-hivemind and A.i.Lucifer.:

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