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Joe Biden Had Multiple Emails, Head Of CFR Resigns, NYC Reinstates Unvaxed Workers , Terror At U.S. Border

Published on 26 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

Evidence is mounting that Joe Biden has used multiple different emails while serving both as Vice President and also as president. Garret Ziegler's Marco Polo report on Hunter Biden's laptop has also identified as many as 459 crimes committed by Hunter Biden and Six white collar crimes committed by Joe Biden. The President is not supposed to use outside email addresses to do his or her job. The head of the Council on Foreign Relations for 20 years, Richard Haass has stepped down. New York judge orders New York to reinstate and hand back pay to 1,750 workers who were let go for not taking the Covid 19 vaccine. Ex U.S. Marine pilot arrested in Australia, accused of working with China. New emails from the Igor Danchenko trial show the FBI was already going to use Danchenko as a confidential human source before even hearing what information he had. 13 charged in DOJ crackdown on Chinese espionage and influence. White House to issue election security warning just two weeks before the midterm elections. New border patrol numbers show an alarming number of terrorists at the U.S. southern border. Nearly one in ten rent regulated apartments in New York City is vacant, report shows. RFK Jr. discusses his son's Ukraine military service he claims to know nothing about. Oz odds of winning PA Governor's race soar after Fetterman debate debacle. Elon Musk Neuralink "show and tell" cancelled. Audit results of primary in Torrance County New Mexico show difference between hand counts and SOS records of up to 25%. Kim Kardashian spotted with Ivana Trump. New York City cracks down on casino like gambling in Chinatown public park. Zeldin holds his own in debate with Hochul in only debate. Katy Perry's eye malfunctions during concert, is she a clone or some form of robot? Are programs between schools like Yale China making it easier for China to spy on the United States? More news.


Yale China

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MoralitySheriff17 3 months ago

mornin Ash. The biggest joe news was when President Trump said in his speech Saturday "I don't even think its him". boooooom!

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This goes back to when hillary emailed obama at his illegal email I remember so they will all come out now I think. They should come out.

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