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NYC Replaces Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers with H1B's, Foreign Workers

Walk In Verse
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Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

NY Governor: foreign nationals could REPLACE unvaccinated NY medical workers - "A conversation we have already been having

Gov. Hochul expanded Thursday on her announcement that she was looking to award temporary visas for foreign nationals to replace health workers who refuse to get the jab:

“This is a conversation we have already been having – to talk about the opportunities we might have in freeing up the visa system to have some temporary workers come from places like the Philippines, where many nurses go elsewhere. […] It is going to be a Dept. of State process. This will not help in the next couple of days.”

Nearly 20% of workers at hospitals and nursing homes in NY are unvaccinated – the state’s mandate goes into effect next Monday.

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LiftingTheVeil 4 months ago

This has been happening in other countries. Another globalist move: Unvaccinated are replaced with foreign nationals that are flooding the borders; Just another tactic to destabilize a country. It's easy to see which politicans support globalism vs freedom. Owned/controlled Globalist puppets, getting alot of $$$ to peddle this.

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anonymous143 4 months ago

Thats a drone

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27618 4 months ago

That's a man. Deception.

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susan33 4 months ago

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