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Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In People and Blogs

People using surgery to botch their bodies the easy way.

A pipe broke my thumb while down in a manhole one year. Strangely, the small town Doctor said I had to drive a few hundred miles to a hospital in the city.
When I got there, they could not view the CD with my xrays since computer not up... I knew a Medical-Mafia setup was festering in minds, or they were warning me...

A plastic surgeon was overseeing my case, he was a Luciferian sell-out or just blackmailed to follow Cult directives.
He tried to set my thumb in the wrong position on purpose... I realized he was Cult and told him to go away. I just instructed the cast technician what I wanted. I have no medical training except first-aid and I knew what I needed. You cannot trust any Freemason or Eastern-Star after the "New Dawn"(April 1st, 2020) and was beginning to realize(2013) that hospitals were and are filled with Mystery School thUgs who kill people on purpose all the time. Covid-smotherings are not a new thing during WWIII, they are just more easy to cover-up now. Life is becoming cheap in their thUggish eyes.

Don't ever go to a doctor once you know the medical system is mostly a farce... it is run by pathetic freemasons. Now, that WWIII is in almost full swing, to go to a hospital is a very big mistake... get a trusted doctor to come to you if you can afford it.
Even drop-in centers are to be avoided, but they might be better than big hospital for any non-Cult people.

Learn first-aid and fix yourself and don't visit the Medical-Mafia:

"You better wake you dumb-ass up" as MAG always says...

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