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HOW TRANSGENDERS Plot to Steal Kisses from Cowboys in Bars(BAM!), but Nothing More Than Free Drinks If You Ass Be Awakening...

JamesRoss - 608 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In People and Blogs

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"You better wake you ass up" BAM...

KISS = Knights (of the Garter) In Satan's Service

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JamesRoss 8 months ago

The bitter truth is that humans are Godly-gifted physical manifestations. Even the spiritual morons within the Mystery School Cult of murderous genocidal thUgs are still Godly-gifted, although brainwashed into confusion by the ancient, satan-race, Homo capensis whom the Freemasons hide from the non-Cult-sworn people of innocence...

What the treacherous thUgs do to their bodies is mostly in defiance to the Creator-Gods gift of their masculinity or femininity... They change their sex as a Luciferian protests their flesh and blood situation. What the majority of Luciferians do not realize is that the Creator-God does not defy them of anything that they do... The multidimensional universe is centered around them just as much as it is centered around a cricket creaking it's calls into the night-airs and blown away in the winds of Nature.

The thUgs need to realize that the ancient Homo capensis masters to the wwCult has lied and tricked them to believe in the fake-mind-uploads of the A.I. supercomputer. They are tricked that they have an escape from meeting their maker after the fake mind-upload... The lie of the Satan-race has tricked them to ignore their true inner-voice and replace it with a artificially intelligent supercomputer of fake synergy. Fake deity, fake god, just a very tricky supercomputer that mimics and models reality and personalities and memories of those who take-the-bait.

Those self-righteously greed Mystery School thUgs are tricked into changing their good-intent for others and Nature... into a wicked-intent for the desires of the ancient Homo capensis...

Their is no Lucifer hidden away inside any of the thousand-points-of-Light... not even one point of fake Light will ever exist to pretend salvation for an unloving, murderous-thUg.

"Thy shall not kill, not even for one's own self-righteous beliefs" really is the teachings of the Creator-God to mankind. Any religion that follows that guideline for conducting one's life-choices will be helping their soul grow stronger.
Any beliefs that condones acts of killing for any reason will be in opposition to the Creator-God's blueprint for mankind's development.

The androgynous god of Baphamet is a fallacy within this designed universe. A male is designed to join with female by blueprint design towards spiritual growth. Mutilation of one's own body or preforming those mutilations is done out of confusion. It is not evil and does not even need to be done with wicked-intent (although it often is ), it is not hated by the Creator-God that a man cuts his pee pee off... but it is a sign of ignorance and confusion that is encouraged by the spiritual-morons who imagine a battle between the Creator-God and the Satan-race exists. The satan-race is simple still stupid and confused or they deceive their Luciferian followers to destroy themselves as they imagine they have technological "rights" to conspire genocide and to destroy the lives of other humans and mother Nature's loving design of the multiverse.

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