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HQ AK: Kalishnikov USA KR103

Nutnfancy - 30,045 Views
Published on 10 Nov 2022 / In Firearms

An efficient review on an American AK product, the KR103. You'll see the quality level on this AK variant is high and on par with Russian and Bulgarian offerings. Some other concerns do arise and we'll discuss those too!

AK ammo rec'd!
Still my fave AK Scope mount: AK REGULATE brand
Midwest Industries AK scope mount 7.3 oz
AK handguards, Magpul are the best
AK scope mounts at OP
AK Ultimak rail, replaces gas tube, mount red dots on it

AK vs AR15 by Nutnfancy video.

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Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 8 days ago

Proud to be here LTC! I followed you over here years ago with my firearms youtube channel and glad I did. Especially, what's going on with YouTube recently. It's like 2017 all over again for firearm content creators. All these new firearm channels that are influenced YouTube in the last year never understood the purges YT does. I think the huge influx of firearm channels in 2021 was in part with the Crack down. Those channels not being around in 2017 and poking the bear that is YouTube. I wish it would go back to the way it was in 2012. YouTube was fun. Elon Musk needs to buy youtube.

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Jake J
Jake J 15 days ago

love em all, I like a underfold :-) how U liking the X4 ? Thanks for all U do

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LumpyGravy 20 days ago

I’ve always liked the idea of this AK, but I’ve never found it 1st cool enough to buy. 2nd cool it’s got it but, I’ve had a SLR106F which was better first and second cool to me and I liked the Warsaw furniture. I don’t have the SLR106F anymore either. I standardized on the AR15.

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RocketDoctor 20 days ago

Hey, what brand was the jacket you were wearing at about 9:15?

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FlyFloatFire 2 months ago

I’m stoked to see that new PSA under folding bayo Chinese PolyTech replica model. The real deal is super expensive now.

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