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Former Congressman David Rivera Arrested, AZ Certifies Election, New Zealand C-19 Inquiry, Real ID Delayed

Published on 06 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Former Congressman David Rivera was arrested in Georgia in connection with a Venezuela corruption probe, after signing a 50 million dollar contract with Maduro's government. Rivera was arrested in Georgia Friday, he is charged with conspiring to launder money and illegally acting as an agent of the Venezuelan government, according to an indictment. North Carolina Governor says damage at substation was intentional. New Zealand announces public inquiry into Covid 19 response. Arizona certifies what many believe to be a fraudulent election, lawsuits will follow. FBI wouldn't discuss Hunter Biden probe after convincing Facebook to suppress laptop stories. Jim Clyburn suggests Mccarthy seek Democratic support for Republican speaker. Homeland Security delays Real ID rollout again, this time until 2025 because of "lingering effects of Covid 19". Google pulls thousands of You Tube channels "linked" to China, Brazil, Russia citing influence operations. Stanford Law Professor Father of disgraced FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried, cancels classes, will take time off to help his sons defense. Michael Avenatti gets 14 year sentence for defrauding clients. CCP linked hackers stole 20 Million dollars in Covid benefits from the United States. Elon Musk's Neuralink faces USDA investigation after death's of 1,500 animals during testing. Probe understood to be launched amid claims of botched experiments on monkey's and pigs. Filmmaker James Toback accused by 38 women of sexual misconduct.
Meta says it will remove all news content on Facebook. DOJ sought information from Tara Reade's twitter account after she accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Texas National Guard parks armored vehicles at border with Mexico to ward off illegal aliens. Lawmakers allege Biden made secret deal with Saudi's to increase oil output in run up to 2020 elections, vow scrutiny. New York lawmakers following in California's footsteps, push for slavery reparations for black residents. Prescription Ayahuasca in pill form, could come in the next decade. Swiss mining company Glencore settles corruption case in Congo. Tech giants including Facebook threaten to remove content from social media platforms. Indonesia passes controversial code that bans sex outside marriage. More news.


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Theroadtroll 2 months ago

In one part of the constitution it says people may change elected officials at will.not every 4 yrs.theyll keep screwing us as long as we let them.past time to nut up.

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