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Foolish Day Recording of Anti-Secret-Society-Movement Webpage Banned the Next Year

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Published on 24 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

Cover photo is the ancient Khemit Horus fake-god
The circle is the A.i. software that grows itself...
The bird body are all the fingers of the mainfame reaching out into the Environment to monitor and to control through the microwave prison-grid.
(I realize that this is hard for you to understand, but you need to expand your thinking. A.i. used to rule Earth thousands of years ago. The horrible Satan-race or the old devils where the ones in control of that iehovah supercomputer, fake-god.)
Luciferians rebuilt and worship A.i. to upload their minds... because they have a connection or servitude to these current, failed, race of mankind, Homo capensis, who pretends to be "The devil"s to hide their spiritual-failure. Their A.i. genetic manipulations twisted their Creator-God's blueprinted potentials within their original chromosomes. Now, they have lost their genetic-vitality and are thus failures towards their God-Given purpose of mankind.
God needed a more pure mankind and thus we have survived the genocide-attempts by Homo capensis against our species. Freemasons and all Luciferians are traitors to their own genetics and need to be stopped without murder.

Murder is what makes the old devils twitch with growing hatred of our more violent or capable species. Don't fall into that murderous-intent trap... it will destroy your own soul and you will have failed like the devils fail the purpose of life itself.

The genocide of Homo sapiens is the desires of Homo capensis or the Renmant-Lumanians:

source banned:
Mega uploaded: 1 Gig in Bytes
Just open the index.html to view that webpage off your own directory.

Full version of that video is

David LaPoint was identifed and hindered by Freemasonic thUgs who stopped him from posting his video back in 2013ish All we got were his 1,2,and 3:

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