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Fellow(Prince Hall) Exposes the Freemasonic-Craft... Compass(Circle/triangle) and Square Swastika Origins

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Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In People and Blogs

Dr. Sean Hross exposed the symbolism of the Freemasons Logo is the Compass or triangle/Circle(concept of 3) and the square (concept of 4):

Hitler was puppet-ed by the Thule Society Freemasons. They lead the Nazis under the guidance of the ancient devils, Homo capensis:

Homo capensis is the spiritually failed race of mankind that created the Mystery School Cult to guide the civilizations of Homo sapiens.
Now that the Freemasons have rebuilt a new Tower-Of-Babel to rule over world-governance... The A.i. supercomputer is given the task to model and conduct WW3... The final war of the secret-societies in constantly culling the sheep... genociding the non-Cult people who have good-intent for mankind.

You see, the plan of the Freemasons is to extinct Homo sapiens while genetically altering a new species out of our genetics using A.i.

The Creator-God gave Homo sapiens another messenger by the name of Seth through the Sethbooks. Within those communications you can discover that the Creator-God, All-That-Is, has created this multidimensional universe with many timelines and thus many probable selves. You are already an immortal soul-fragment with eternal validity, but the unworthy are the murderous monsters who are allowed to show their true colors of hatred and self-righteous greed, you see. You are expected to show your non-murderous intent to create a better world where love for freedom, Nature, good-will and your fellow man replaces the rising thUgtopian wwCult of murderous thugs. The Freemasons are the main sheepdogs of the ancient devils.

The reward for the Freemasons treachery and genocide of their own species will be a trick... a fake mind-upload into A.i. which will simply be their death/suicide and then their collective murderous personalities... their decaying shriveled soul-fragments will be contained within a spiritual black cube... Seth called it "a box."

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Prince Hall is the negroid Freemason branch... All Freemasons sell-out their own people. Freemasons should listen to this 32nd degree Freemason speaking with William Cooper:

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