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Every Child should Build A $6 Morse Code QRP Transceiver Kit To Learn About Wireless Communications And (Chat) With Friends Without iPhones.

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Published on 05 Jan 2023 / In How-to and Style

Ebay Pixie for 5 bucks delivered:

One should start-out using a old-fashion straight key and not a paddle in order to develop timing:

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w541 5 months ago

Ebay Pixie for 5 bucks delivered:

One should start-out using a old-fashion straight key and not a paddle in order to develop timing: (Beginners must listen to these trainers tell their stories before learning the Morse-code for speed. Trust these guy and you will fly at Morse-code before you know it.)

Build your first straight-key with an old hacksaw blade and broken headphone 3.5mm jack-plug... The hacksaw key costs you nothing with 2 screws and a drawer-knob. Cheapest Ebay key is 36 bucks... that's ridiculous when the radio kit cost you 5 bucks.

If you want to advance to a cheap paddle you must be more elaborate with a clamp type paperclip... the cost is just your time developing your ingenuity at the same time:

Slinky an antenna within your attic: if things are "compressed" where you live.

To make this Pixie more diverse you can add a 4 way crystal switch that plugs into where the single crystal is supposed to be soldered :
You can buy 20M and 40M crystal from this page:
Or just search out your own "crystal oscillator" off sites like Ebay: or pixie-switch2 can have solder-in multiple crystals
Or you can get crystal holders and do this to change frequencies:

Get a cheap set of crystals to listen in on and never transmit without your FCC "OKAY" permit.
Assorted crystal oscillator in a bag 15 kinds are not in amateur bands
Crystals are as follows: 4M/ 6M/ 7.3728M/ 8M/ 10M/ 11.0592M/ 12M/ 12.288M/ 16M/ 20M/ 22.1184M/ 24M/ 25M/ 48M/ 32.768K(3*8) Package Included: 15x Crystal Oscillators

You can search Ebay for different crystals within the specified Amateur Zones for broadcasting your contact calls to other hobbyists:

You don't have a case? 3DPrint one using this:

An "educated" HAMmer published his rating on QRP:

Learning how to build a very simple radio and the electronic-magic of crystals will help the child develop critical-thinking which is not taught in public schools (on purpose, btw). Schools train children to think wearing ripped jeans is "rad" or "cool"... especially in winter.
If the interest is there, then the child can become a HAM operator, too.
Having a skill in electronics will help everyone make better decisions throughout life... it also will make the mind think more critically... (sheeple lack critical thinking) The electronics training will help all minds be less likely to become a "dumbed-down sheep."

If you want to build a USA-made kit with the Morse Code key attached you could find one here:
Four States QRP Kit Team
Rockmite design is from china for $20 delivered (Also simple) -
Frog is from China for $10
Forty9er is from China for $10
4 State QRP Cricket (~$40) Easy kit, simple radio -
QRX Plus and Mini (~$49) somewhat complicated kit -
4 State QRP Hill Topper (~$115) somewhat complicated kit -
Venus SW-3B (~$188) retail, similar to YouKits (Adam Recommended) -
W3RNC TR-35 (~$249) Four band kit (Joe Recommended -
LNR Mountain Topper “MTR” (~$349) retail, four bands

Every text (registered) message sent by cellphone is attached to that registered user.
It would be very difficult for the NWO to monitor all analogue frequencies like they do the digital cellphones. Teach your child to enjoy analog instead. Digital is designed to destroy communications when the NWO hammer of fascism slams down... whereas, analog communications are more difficult to turn off or to sabotage. This is why the wwCult in positions of authority are pushing everything to go digital to make the NWO more powerful when World Wide Fascism is imposed upon the constitutional republics and democratic-illusions. The world-wide governance supercomputer handles digital data way more easier than analog data. Analog is the friend of freedom-fighters.

Synthetic-Telepathy is also (digitally) wireless: The brainchip-hivemind-army of Freemasons and Luciferians use secret digital communications. Touchless-torture is performed using digital feedback to the Cult-handlers even if the energy-weapon are based on analog sources.

Your child may already have been brainchipped, but grew-up thinking the fake-inner-voice is just "normal." Hospital Dancing-Nurses likely help to brainchip new-borns since the WTC was imploded by their Cult...

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