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Earth`s Offworld ancient history - BC -

Know Thy Enemy
Know Thy Enemy - 94 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

It`s been a while I made a video, but I am back with a interesting topic for you all, today I start a new 4 part series that will give you a very deep insight into our ancient past.
How it all has been in the past is always a grey area but as many know, our ancient memory is becoming clearer as we evolve as a species, our ancient connection with Earth is for most of us something we feel and know when we look for answers inside.

Earth always has been a great experiment because of the alien interference on this planet and today you learn the deep understanding of what has happened far back in time going back 264.000 years. Atlantis and the flood was around 13000 years ago.
So I hope you enjoy this series, it`s a lot of input but also very interesting to learn about, and even worth it to listen to it more then once
in order to grasp all of this.

Links to find THI and members, Thomas Williams.
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Notice: This is my channel "Know thy Enemy" not Thomas Williams channel
I am sharing, because I support him. But it`s much appreciated if you support me, I`ll do my best to keep sharing the knowledge.
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JamesRoss 2 months ago

I fell asleep... Did this Thomas Williams explain the elongated skulls studied by Brien Foerster?

I figured out that the Sethbooks called them the "Lumanians" or the ancient, spiritually-failed, mankind:

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