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Dr. Robert Day Was Tricked By Fake Glory Of The NWO-ThUgtopia

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Published on 28 Feb 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

Like so many Freemasons and Luciferians who are brainwashed that following the ancient devils, Homo capensis, will lead them to a fake-immortality and fake-godliness ( which an Ai Magnetic Neuron Interface can persuade them that it is real immortality and real godliness... until the day they all die (alone) to meet their maker and realize their shriveled remaining soul-fragments gathered-up in a box for safe keeping.
The Oversoul experiences their path to failure and learns from it. The other incarnations of the same Oversoul will benefit from avoiding such hatred and self-righteous greed that boxed-up the Freemasons and Luciferian soul-fragments as they decay together.
The afterlife has no need for thUgs and murderers with skills of deception and treachery, you see... they lost their integrity and they lost their grace as they developed their sense of wickedness.
Not many soul-fragments "graduate" as the murderous Rosicrucians like to claim about their superior selves over the sheeple and goyim.


These are high level Freemasons implementing the Agenda21 and the eventual extinction of their own species by their ancient masters, Homo capensis, the old devils.

Dr. Dunegan released the information in 1988 because Dr. Day was on his death-bed already and did not fear agree sheeple anymore for his Masonic treachery to the Constitutional Republic of America. Day died within a few months.

In 1988 William Cooper was about to release his "Behold a Pale Horse" exposing the Freemason treachery within the US military.

and Yuri Bezmenov was warning about the subversion of North America:
that had been happening for 20 years already.

So the JFK assassination was a test of the totalitarianism that had already been established by the Freemasons over the USA sheeple.
This was the test of power which told Dr. Day that the sheeple were under control and "nothing could stop us now..."

Big problem is that the Creator-God maintains their physical-reality every second of the day. These Luciferians are getting-away with murder... they believe... no, they have been tricked to show the true colors of their personalities and their soul-fragment is allowed to prove itself unworthy. The Creator-God set-up physical reality such that the unworthy destroy their own souls through hate, greed and self-righteousness leading up to murder of other beings.

Monsters are tricked into believing that they are winning something, but instead they are the biggest losers of all.

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