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Dr Carrie Madej: Human 2.0 A Wake-Up Call To The World

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 810 Views
Published on 05 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This video by Dr Carrie Madej has almost 900,000 views on YouTube as of October 2020. Dr. Carrie Madej, DO is an Internal Medicine Specialist in McDonough, GA and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field.

I am re-uploading it here to share her message. Dr Carrie Madej shares information I had not heard on what's actually in the vaccines produced by Moderna and just how sci-fi they actually are. For example, did you know that nanotechnology is being employed here and we are looking at unknown boundaries and futures as we look at a vaccine that is not a vaccine in any traditional sense, a vaccine that alters, very possibly permanently - and certainly irreversibly - your human DNA and makes you a new version of human, human 2.0. (And all for a contagious yet low mortality virus that kills hardly anyone compared to heart disease or cancer so why the rush with the barely tested DNA- altering vaccine?) Do you know they will be able to scan your arm to see if you have or have not taken this DNA modification vaccine?
Some would like to have us be connected to electronic devices remotely and electronic devices connected to us. There's information given on that too and how that ability is even in the vaccine. Shocking. Hard to understand. And yet, we must. There's so much more. More I don't understand and more I'd like to research. There's no summary of the video on Dr Carrie Madej's site but she does include a big list of links which I have copied in case you wish to do some follow up research of your own. Please share this. Wake others up. We can all do our bit. And please, pray about this too.'t-know-about-dna

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