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Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

This video could have been an hour long & I would have barely scratched the surface with these simple questions that cannot be answered unless you're willing to acknowledge pure evil & look it straight in the eyes. And that's the EXACT same scenario for the inside job of 9/11. None of this makes any sense until you come to the conclusion that this was never about our safety.... This was about power, control, & the 2020 election. The Deep State has never been this desperate. They are on their death bed & it's time for We the People to pull the damn plug. Us awake = their GREATEST fear. So cast aside your fears, find your faith in God, & lets fight TOGETHER for this opportunity to serve Divine Justice. Thank you so incredibly much to all of my Patrons who have helped me turn my passion for telling the truth into a full-time job. It literally feels like a dream come true! And if anyone else would like to support my efforts, you can do so at Patreon.com/E4L - God bless you all. WE are the news now!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Loguns Run in 2021 C.E.

How long could NEW YORK City New York USA stand abandoned, AND still “function” once a Human Population returned as {BLADES OF GRASS} with our limited life spans, and our oh so clever TEMPORARY “Memories” of Childhood, Pre-Teen, Teenager, Youth, then the Ages of 30 to 40 and then 50 too 60 as by the ages of 70 most [HUMANS] Qballs~ /_\ are in decline too die out sometime before or after 80 years of age, and in all that life time: Would (you know) you were lied to about everything since you were born if TV was your ONLY Source of INFORMATION.?.?.? Youm see it does not matter what “U.N. FLAG” you were placed by these U.N. Troops cause THEY LIVE only take orders from these CORPORATIONS, and these (Capitalist) whom run the COMMUNIST Socialist McDonald's OF Made in China to Made in Russia to the McDonald’s in your part of this FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere is still {just one more} FLAG of OCCUPATION for what if youm don’t want a Big Mack, you want a Whopper, and what if you wanted “A Pepsi” at McDonald’s rather then a Coca Cola Product???? Why must you go to places where it is “always” the same thing no matter your U.N. FLAG of these U.N. Troops…

Now we all know COVID-19 is just {JADE HELM 15} renamed for Agenda 21 + 30 and before that it was called REX 84 and before that it was called WW2 – WW1 – Civil War and so on into the books of books where Humans are told to Kill and Murder OUR Fellow Humans made by the SAME CREATOR no matter what your Elders, and Teachers, and Government say otherwise…. Have you ever considered youm are A FOOD SOURCE for creatures called “Symbiots” and SOLIDS that these Thoughts in your HEAD are the most [prized possession] of any and all CORPORATIONS, and ARE not all “Religions” just as much A Military “Militant” Corporation as these U.N. Troops of their WORLD POLICE known as FREE MASON C.O.P.S., or Peacekeepers whom carry (Violent Weapons) no less too say: This Flag gets nothing, but that FLAG of the U.N. Internationalist Mafia from the Southern Hemisphere gets all the Booty, and Spoils, and Tributes of WAR IS MURDER as ROME is these Catholic Jesuit Zionist {NEWS} World Order with their Hollow WOOD “Shows” for every mind set on this Northern Hemisphere of FLAT EARTH.?.?.?

Had you known YOU HAVE [been invaded] by an ALIEN FORCE, and THEY LIVE took over the Weapons of all nations, and all military, and all police, do so too tell me how YOU’M would fight off such an ENTRENCHED People, and Persons, and (Populations) from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD no less in our “Shared” Celestial Sphere???? And Yet, once you can pull back and look at the Faked Moon Landings, and all the {Fake Science} and Hypotheses, and Conjectures, and Speculation of this CONSPIRACY of THEORIES presented as Facts no less in every U.N. FLAG Supreme Court of Liars, and Bandits, and Pirates from the [OTHER SIDE] of our Celestial Sphere, youm begin too see THEY LIVE are not as powerful as they had hoped: if WE THE PEOPLE of the Northern Hemisphere know we are in a CELESTIAL SPHERE, and that “all books” are Stories of {lies agreed upon} from the Egyptian Babylonian Chaldean WARS to the complete and utter [take over] of this side of the world by the ROMAN Hollywood Media Militant EMPIRE!!! Than my fellow human, and person born on this side of the world, where do youm stand.?.?.?

It should go without saying since the “COVAX” of Mind Control Vaccines have been put into place, and our children are being (raised) thinking FACE MASK are normal, and that the old surely know what they are doing, and our MOMS and DADS would [not lie] too our faces that we never went to Outer Space cause the FIRMAMENT of the DOME OF THE ROCK “prevents” such nonsensical thinking and no less’ we had no clue what Magic + Code + Alchemy = SORCERY could to do too the minds of our (OLD PEOPLE) whom have been raised on THE RAPTURE of these TV Screens all their life: told too NEVER Question Reality, just go buy a CORPORATION Capitalist “Happy Meal” and TAKE YOUR PILLS at Micky Mouse “La La” Land……., and all will be O.K., and they do….., so this WRIT is not for the old, it is for you the “youth” on this side of FLAT EARTH too know only you can save your {brothers and sisters} and best friends from ENSLAVEMENT by rebellion: in any way youm deem necessary….

Johnny Exodice


As “always” my Children and People of Pak-Toe we do battle (The Racka) from the Southern Hemisphere in our Northern Hemisphere with all their TV SHOWS, and once youm know whom you are, and what you are, and where you are, and that the world ends in 2094 C.E. no matter what……..,

then WHY LIVE “A LIE” till the day you die when you can {run runner run} into the TUNNELS of the Underworld, and find Passage to the [other side] of the world in our Shared CELESTIAL SPHERE???

The Society of nonmason~

Remember, Remember, The 5th of December when we light a Candle on that date: TOO REMEMBER all our “nonmason” human dead on this side of FLAT EARTH taken and gone by the FREE MASON Lodges of U.N. Troops, and their [connection] +=+ to the Other Side of FLAT EARTH in the Southern Hemisphere of the South Pole Star…

The Sentinel…

We Are Revelation… We do not forgive… WE DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Game Over~

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!


π ∞ Σ

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