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Classical Christian Education (part 1): Playing with Paganism

Cleansing the Academy
Published on 18 Feb 2022 / In Spiritual

Classical Christian education (CCE) merges a modern system with more traditional liberal arts pedagogy, through a questionably "Christian" world view. Formal admiration for the works of pagans, including those whom practiced the occult, dilutes the authority of the Gospel. Amid the "cultivation" of virtuous intellectuals, lies a veneration of Nature alongside failure to address the devilish principalities of human(ist) institutions (Mystery Babylon).

RHET'ORIC, noun [Gr. from to speak, to flow. Eng. to read. The primary sense is to drive or send. See Read.] - Noah Webster 1828
1. The art of speaking with propriety, elegance and force.
2. The power of persuasion or attraction; that which allures or charms. We speak of the rhetoric of the tongue, and the rhetoric of the heart or eyes. - Classical Christian Schools are Better - David Goodwin (president of ACCS) - Canon Press - Leading an Intellectual Life [CETC 105] Tanya Charlton, Paul Schaeffer, Martin Cothran - Memoria Press - ACCS Information Matrix - Classical Difference Network

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