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Classical Christian Education (part 2): Warning Against Worldly Wisdom

Cleansing the Academy
Cleansing the Academy - 149 Views
Published on 04 Mar 2022 / In Spiritual

Why should the Christian entertain the most "wise" of the world, while supposedly excluding aspects overtly at odds with the Word of the Lord God? The covert dialectic of philosophy supplants the kingdom of heaven with a theorized utopia of man, subtly inspired by devils. My charge against syncretism with "classical wisdom" - the occult mystification of salvation & liberty. The Lord declares be not deceived, as you patiently keep your soul.

Prayerfully discern during your own research/study in pursuit of the Truth (the Lord Jesus Christ): - Understanding Neo-Platonism with Pierre Grimes - New Thinking Allowed - Aristotle's Politics: Golden Mean & Just Rule (1990) - Dennis Dalton - "Donald in Mathmagic[k] Land" - Walt Disney - Classical Education with Douglas Wilson - Think Institute and - Why Classical and Christian? - Memoria Press

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