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Canada harvests more organs from euthanized(NWO-murder) patients than any other

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Published on 29 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Canada is responsible for more organ transplants from its medical assistance in dying (MAiD) program than any other country in the world that offers this practice, according to a study published in the American Journal of Transplantation.

This study is the first time that organ transplants from assisted suicide patients are being analyzed, as the practice of euthanizing members of the population increases. The data for this study was gathered in 2021 and published last year.

These are the Freemasonic-Luciferians in positions of authority calling the shots in Corporate-Canada.
They(murderous Freemasons and Luciferians) are mind-controlling suicide-murders via covertly installed brainchips:

The ultimate goal of the "Death Cult" is to kill off all the non-Cult people around the world and then they themselves will be tricked into suicide with unworthy soul-fragments. The worthy will create a more sane world where A.i. will not be so devastating.
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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 2 months ago


barry soetoro
was adopted by Lolo Soetoro
a business partner of satanic george bush senior (real name Scherffs), his real fathers name was Frank Marshall Davis

barry soetoro & his real father

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Michael Lavaugne Robinson : AKA Michelle Obama

Dr. Rafael Espinanzo, former doctor in charge of the care of Michelle Obama during the Obama administration, risked everything ,including losing his license to practice medicine, and being sued by the Obama administration for millions of dollars, to expose what He saw when He walked in on Michelle Obama Standing up while using the bathroom, exposing: HIS MALE genitals. Espinanzo said that Michelle is A man With female breast implants. If you want to know why the LGBT agenda has been pushed so hard in the nation then this may help you understand why. You can reference the last picture in this video and see for yourself what you may not have seen before. Please read the news report in this video to understand more. Homosexuality is an abomination against God and He will righteously judge us all on judgement day. Thanks and God bless. Please ask Jesus into your heart and life today.

fake name as Barry was adopted by soetoto.

Rented daughters real parents

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hatbox 2 months ago

It's sickening and alarming.

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