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🧟‍♀️Black Eyed Kids, 🤖Transhumanism, Gates & Epstein Baby Ranch, 🚼 Pandemic Babies 🚨🚨

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Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

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Black Eyed Kids, Transhumanism, Gates & Epstein Baby Ranch, Pandemic Babies

These newborns born in 2021, are the victims of vaccinated mothers, the newborns are considered "TRANSHUMAN", says the U.S court‼️ Dear divine souls, look closely at the baby, it can hold its head upright after a few hours after its birth! The dark eyes remind us of the demons, and this arm also looks strange. These newcomers have a different attitude and a different morphology and hybrid genetics and some also have non-human DNA with patent claims on the part of these entities.

If pregnant women are that stupid to get experimental gene therapy their babies are being born as NON human beings but as soulless genetically modified organisms – PLF – programmable life forms.

For all the children that do survive from the vaccinated mothers- THIS IS THE NEW RACE THAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO REPLACE US HUMANS WITH!

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miaja 15 days ago

Those poor babies. What a horrible violation of innocence. It breaks my heart.

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