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Ballistic Shields Were Missing At Robb Elementary, Uvalde, So Unarmored Border Patrol Volunteered To Stop The Shooter... And Did

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Published on 30 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

Border Patrol took a shot through his ball cap to stop the shooter.

Ballistic Shields Were Missing At Robb Elementary, So Unarmored Border Patrol Volunteered To Stop The Shooter... And Did.
Does that make any sense?... Well, the hero was obviously NOT one of the many Luciferian minion unwilling to risk their careers or maybe even their life without a ballistic shield. What, risk their lives for non-Cult-sworn children?

The Freemasons run the police. The Freemasons rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel fake-god killing-machine to orchestrate the Covid-19 plandemic to begin the genocide of Homo sapiens So Freemasons were likely in control of the killer via brainchip-hivemind to begin with... The whole murder scene looks set-up by Freemasons again.

Or this smells like another arranged setup by the Freemasons using their hivemind brainchips to influence the shooter's thinking by brainwashing him via covert brainchip. The first records that I am aware of using brainchip was during the Vietnam War upon US soldiers. The Freemasonic rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) is everywhere that you can use a cellphone and a bit beyond. Within the Tower any Manchurian candidate can be given manufactured dreams which brainwashes them during their sleep and makes them nasty people and programs their responses and values. Some minds are weaker at resisting the hypnotic brainwashing... This shooter seems very weak-minded and thus very susceptible to the "voice of god" weapon:

The positions of policing authority within society is shifting all towards the Mystery School Cult of minions and thUgs(Freemasons usually) who pretend that they are not minions of Lucifer until you have given up your Freedom of Speech and your right to protect that freedom. Then they will grin and show you their offensive weapons.

That shooter needs to be scanned for a Manchurian candidate brainchip emitting signals before the medical mafia has the chance to remove it from under the eye-ball like a lobotomy:
Truck attacks are usually shot or suicided because they might say that they were hearing synthetic telepathy like Vincent Li:

William Cooper was told by his Freemasonic father: "If you are not one of us, then you are nothing." That was a devastating, Freemasonic statement that impacted Cooper's entire life, until weeks after they demolished the WTC, the Freemasons finally executed Cooper (for exposing their conspiratorial collectivism) with a final powder-burn shot through his right ear.

Small-town Police(Freemasons) are receiving free mine-resistant vehicles to protect themselves from... something,... (the loss of their own lives before their fake mind-uploads (justly, they will all be committing suicide with that belief) into their fake-god, Lucifer)

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