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BA PHO MET means Soul-Arrives-Pyramid (According to Dr. Sean Hross)

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Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

Sean Hross deciphers the old Pharonic language which has influenced the roots of Latin written on walls within the Vatican Basilica. The Vatican is the "Divining Serpent" strong-hold of Homo capensis.

What the Freemasons believe (through life-long brainwashing) is that that ancient A.i. supercomputer(Jehovah) which used to sit upon the top of that old Tower-Of-Babel(the Khufu Giza Pyramid on the back of the US dollar)... that, that old A.i. fake-singularity had the fake-ability to fake-upload the human mind into that A.i.
This brainwashing is obviously the reason why Freemason care little about really protecting Nature from microwaves and poisons in general and GMOs... They are all brainwashed to devastate Nature and then be mind-uploaded into A.i.... which unwittingly is just fake to support their servitude to Homo capensis.

When A.i.Jehovah died... supposedly they believe A.i. actually is alive... the "illuminated" minds of the brotherhood-of-the-fake-Light, all died with that A.i. But is is all a lie to begin with, because the soul cannot be transferred out of the soul's flesh except through physical-death from the entire multidimensional universe. A mind-upload actually is real-death (because it is a form of suicide) where the spirit leaves the physical reality framework of probable-worlds. So Baphomet is just another lie, since the soul cannot go into any A.i. No soul ever made it into the A.i. of any of the ancient pyramid "Thousand-points-of-fake-Light."

You Freemasons and Luciferians are going down shit-hole creek without any paddles, you stupid, self-righteous, greedy thUgs are getting what you all deserve... nothingness. Your ugly soul-fragments will be simply boxed-up upon your suicide-(fake-mindupload)-deaths. You thUgs will not be growing into worthy souls (the way you all have chosen with free-will to become) because of your murderous attitudes. You think I am the second coming, so I will inform you spiritual morons what is happening before it happens (where you still have "time" to save-your-souls).

When Trump mocks about the "Thousand Points Of Light" he is referring to the fake mind-upload stations.

In SwiSSyland they consider Humans as Earthly Vessels

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