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Caught Red Handed... Canadian Gov Freemasonic-Luciferians Poisoning Headwaters Assisted by Laughing Rangers

JamesRoss - 285 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

These thUgs are literally laughing at getting caught committing their atrocity against Nature that supports them living. Luciferians are mentally ill. This is throwing the baby out the window with the bath-water claiming they are killing the Smallmouth Bass... they are killing everything. Bass are edible fish and some anglers like them... Naaa, exterminate every single species, because we Luciferians are so smart. They arrested the man stopping the poisoning of his fishing grounds. I think he was Micmac.

At the head of the Marmascene? River at Lake Brook... Poisoning discovered... committed by Hivemind-Luciferian Government Employees.

At 13:00, "The Ranger says "You don't have a shred of evidence, man." Then the others begins laughing when the non-Luciferian catching the thUgs explains the poison is stinking up his clothes... "What is the effect on humans?" He gets laughter .... these thUgs are too wicked. They are literally watching the fish die as they poison the waters.

Ben, the Luciferian Ranger is concerned that the Gov employees may get hurt for committing their atrocity. These are all Freemason saboteurs. The Ranger-Luciferian is wondering if anyone has guns. This is why Trudeau is banning guns in Canada.

Published on 19 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

This video of a man catching government agents in hazmat suits supported by armed rangers/police protecting them as they poison the water.

He takes the poison away from them and puts it into his buddy's canoe. They inform him he will be arrested later that day for theft.

Looks like they don’t want any of us living off the land.

People reported their dogs who went in the water were dying, and others are getting sick. The media is lying; some saying it's toxic algae...

Think about it; they are cutting off the worlds food supply. People will starve this fall /winter and beyond.

All who would survive by catching fish and eating off the land will get sick and many will die. Now they are preventing people from catching and eating fish too!!

This is probably happening everywhere and we don't know it because even when people catch them, they cover it up!

The UN & Globalists who are and have been taking over our world through all governments, are pure evil!!

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If our world unites, it will end all tyranny!

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Canadian Gov, poisoning lakes rivers, streams, Hidden by Media, Food Shortage Worldwide, Globalists, Corrupt Governments, Depopulation Agenda in Full Force,

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