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APM Research 24/7: Flat Earth, The Map, The Construct, The 400 Year Reset, The Science, The Glory.

Hip Gnosis
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Published on 19 May 2021 / In Science

Welcome to APM Research 24/7, this stream is a progression of our research and decodings over the last 5 years after finding flat earth and working out how this world really works and presenting our findings to you - the people.

We are not affiliated with any other group, community, entity, map or model as we work on our own map and model without any external influence - which we have been proving over time, we called this model The Angelic Particle Matrix, the reason will become very apparent, what we are revealing is the Creator's glory, and how it works and it is so very important that you see this.

In our research you will find the real world map and the true world model which we have been decoding for years and presenting to the world, this is the most advanced research and decodings the world has ever seen and decodes scriptures, realworld data, the Nazca Lines, Enoch, sacred geometry, geo/petro/hiero glyphs, colosseums, pyramids, Angels, Sun halo's, lunar waves, quakes, volcanoes, luminaries, giants, titans, resets and many other subjects and topics including decoding Walter Russells work and the works of Santos Bonacci, the 400 year resets which are responsible for all the destruction, tsunamis and mudfloods etc in our history with much cross referencing with realworld data, history, holy books and prophecies.

There are too many subjects to list that we have covered so do take a look through our videos and see the world you didnt know existed with visual proofs and explanations of how it all works, you will see and recognise the creators glory as our ancestors did. We are sure you will agree that all of this research is befitting of the title ... The Holy Grail ... due to everything it has been revealing over the past 5 years, it gives so many answers you are going to be overwhelmed, be warned.

The 400 Year Reset Decoded here ...
This ties in scriptures, End Times, Revelations and Prophecy and is related to current world events including the receding oceans of 2017. This is very important information, the safe zones map is in video 3.

If you are new to our research you should probably start here with this interview ...

The Lunar wave and Sun Halo decoded here ...
and here ...

You are free to mirror our videos in their entirety or play clips from them in your streams, our names, avatars and APM Research logo must be onscreen and not hidden, get people talking about this research, this is very important information and your viewers will love it.

Please dont go taking our work and overlaying your own voiceovers over it as others have done with our 400 Year Reset Research and applying it to debunkable maps and models, we spend a lot of time researching and decoding to get to these conclusions and people need to see the bigger picture here, this is a very big picture and will need some viewing time on your behalf to understand it all depending on your interests and knowledge base.

If you have any research that plugs into the APM model and extends this more then do get in touch, we have opened rabbit holes everywhere, start going deeper, Elijah Castle did just that - he understood the map and model, researched what is west of Alaska and found that land mass to be called Terra Esonis Incognita - found on old maps, it is not Russia, Saleh also was researching in this area and found many discrepancies around the int datelines confirming this model more.

Thanks in advance to all that mirror, share and promote this honest and genuine research.

As always - any questions please ask in the livestream chat.

Know Thy Worlde!

If you would like to contribute to further the research for the APM team, any gift would be gratefully appreciated and put to good use with research materials and computer equipment ...

Please consider a donation to little A'Myla who needs all the help she can get ...

Monetising our research on your channels is discouraged, we give this for free as it belongs to you all.

PS We have already tried other maps and models and found them too easy to debunk so dont be coming here trying to tell us otherwise or you will be removed for not doing your research and spreading disinformation, if you think it works differently then that is for your "FE Map and Model" community to prove, explain and defend, i tire of banning "flat earthers" who come here dictating their maps and models yet havent done any research, "flat earth" isnt one community nor is it controlled by anyone, no one is the authority on it, YOU are the researcher, the scientist, the explorer, this is YOUR journey, YOUR awakening, YOUR reality, bon voyage!

Flat Earth really is the gateway to the truth, just beware all the minefields.

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