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20 Sep: Russians Realized They Are in BIG TROUBLE | War in Ukraine Explained

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

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I am a Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video I will tell you what happened on the two hundred and ninth day of the war.

Day 209: September 20

After consolidating control over the newly gained territories, Ukrainian forces in the Kharkiv region drastically increased their activity along the whole Kharkiv front line and achieved significant success. They were continuously breaching Russian defense in multiple places and developed the most significant success in the most fortified area of the front line – the Lyman area. Many troops here are about to be taken into a pocket and destroyed, which will collapse the front line tens of kilometers to the east. In fact, the situation is so dire that the topic of referenda to join the Russian Federation was urgently raised, immediately considered and assigned to be held in 3 days.

Now let me show you what exactly is happening on the front line and how the Russians are trying to fix this problem with the referenda.

If we look at the Lyman area, we can see that the Ukrainians can almost freely move in this region because the river here is very narrow and, in many places, so shallow that it can be crossed without using passages. Nonetheless, this is the most reinforced area by the Russians, especially Lyman and Yampil, where the Russians still hold off Ukrainian offensives. However, the Ukrainians are not storming these towns as intensely as previously. Instead, they are just immobilizing the Russians while waiting for other Ukrainian groups slowly develop a pocket around them.

Over the last several days, the Russians were steadily pushed out of their positions. At first, the Ukrainians took Yaremivka, then they took Svitohirsk, and from here, they started assaulting and shelling Studenok, which the Russians were promptly forced to abandon. After establishing control over Studenok and Sviatohirsk, which are on the northern bank of the river, the Ukrainians were able to attack several targets at once, so the fights broke out in Oleksandrivka and Yarova. Today the Ukrainians have already raised their flag in Yarova and are moving onto Novoselivka and Drobysheve – the last villages that prevent the Ukrainians from attacking Lyman from the north. Moreover, when they establish control over them, they can easily prevent a flank attack by launching several attacks at the sparsely located small villages to the north that are not well-protected anyways.

The same picture can be observed to the east of Lyman. After the Ukrainians established control over Bilohorivka, they significantly reduced the area of Russian control over the river. Given that they already took Ozerne on the other river bank, they slowly started developing their bridgehead further. The Ukrainians are already reportedly controlling the forest, which is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the fights broke out in Kreminna. From here, the Ukrainians can launch their attacks at Zariche and Yampil. This way, the whole Lyman group will be in the operational encirclement.

As you can see, the Russians are in big trouble. One group is attacking them in front and fixing their position, while two more groups are moving on them from two sides. If Lyman and Yampil fall, the front line will collapse tens of kilometers east because there are simply no good defense positions. The Ukrainians will be able to retake Lysychansk, Sieverodonetsk and also launch their attack on Svatove because the front line along the Oskil River is also very active, and the Ukrainians have already developed their bridgeheads around Kupiansk and Dvorichna. Russian sources report that the Ukrainians are constantly conducting sabotage and reconnaissance activity as well as accumulating forces for a much more potent attack.

Lack of forces is the main reason the Russians cannot defend their positions and the main reason for holding the referenda so urgently. Because if the Luhansk and Donetsk regions become part of the Russian Federation, then they can move in their regular forces that are only operating on the official territories of the Russian Federation. This will allow to significantly reinforce the area without compromising their defense in the south and stop further Ukrainian expansion. The Ukrainians have no more than a week to reach their objectives.

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