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15 States Have Passed Laws to Stop Future Lockdown Orders

David Knight
David Knight - 66,155 Views
Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats MUST be stopped from future medical dictates (and politicians). Here’s what has been done and needs to expand to stop MSEHPA

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Roger Brenon
Roger Brenon 1 year ago

While employers everywhere violate your constitutional rights and force vacs or no work announced by thousand of employers this week everywhere.
There is complete lawlessness in this country right now because people do nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Protests accomplish NOTHING. Do you understand? THEY DON"T CARE IF YOU SCREAM because you accomplish NOTHING.

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Free Speech Merchant

all politicians are Jewish banker puppets

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Amnesia Planet 100100911

I listened because I thought the 15 states would be named.

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 1 year ago

They will try and lock us down again and based on how many have vaccinated they will do so without incident and that is not a pro or anti anything stance. It is more a commentary on those blindly loyal to the government despite all evidence pointing to a desperate need for upheaval.

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callitlikeitis 1 year ago

The 'Federal Reserve' is not now and never has been anything to do with the United States Government. It is and always has been a private business.

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Shark Chaser
Shark Chaser 1 year ago


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