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Obama Advisor Jailed For Child Sex Offense, Ukraine Aid Passed, U.S. Out Of Niger, Police Storm Yale

Published on 22 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

Senate approves extension to FISA Section 702 surveillance powers. Hamas condemns U.S. House for passing Israel aid package as alleged mass grave found. Antarctic ice shelf the size of France suddenly JUMPS twice a day - and scientists warn it could trigger a devastating icequake. Potential jurors dismissed from Trump case have ties to Hillary Clinton, Michael Cohen, Chris Christie. One prospective juror dismissed from the case worked at the company that produces Michael Cohen’s podcast Mea Culpa. Republican's border security bill to reinstate Trump-era wall and Remain in Mexico spectacularly FAILS after Democrats tank vote and GOP rebels discount it as a 'shiny object' to appease Speaker Mike Johnson's political rivals. U.S. to end military presence in Niger. Trump's $175 million bond should be REJECTED in fraud trial because the insurance company hasn't 'backed' it properly, New York Attorney General Letitia James tells judge. House passes procedural vote on foreign-aid package 316-94. Former senior policy advisor to Obama White House charged with child sex offences in British court. FBI found it ‘alarming’ that Fauci-funded virus research at Wuhan lab would leave no trace of ‘human manipulation’. First witness who will testify in Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial is identified. Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker will testify Monday. Pecker helped Trump 'catch and kill' damaging stories about him during his presidential campaign. Police storm Yale University’s campus with riot gear as hundreds of students stage anti-Israel protest. Columbia students rebuild anti-Israel solidarity camp less than 24 hours after mass arrests. Columbia rabbi warns Jewish students to go home, don’t come back to campus because of ‘extreme antisemitism’. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, says she’s homeless, cries poverty after suspension from $90K-per-year college over anti-Israel protests. Iranian Princeton professor who compared Israel to Nazi Germany and endorsed Hezbollah and Hamas is under House probe for advancing interests of his home country. New EPA rule designates two 'forever chemicals' as hazardous substances. NYC squatter who seized $1 million Queens home arrested on burglary and grand larceny charges. Brian Rodriguez has been accused of illegally occupying a single-family home in Flushing, Queens, and renting out rooms to others. Former J6 Committee chair moves to strip Secret Service protection from anyone sentenced to more than 1 year in prison. It states that Secret Service protection shall be terminated for "any person upon sentencing following 7 conviction for a Federal or State offense that is punishable for a term of imprisonment of at least one year." One of the US Army's biggest ever sex abuse cases: High-ranking military doctor is accused of DOZENS of sex attacks on male soldiers - as horrifying details are laid out. Jurors Unable to Return Verdict in Murder Trial For Arizona Rancher George Alan Kelly. House Republicans' already slim majority shrinks after Wisconsin member resigns following passage of foreign aid bill: GOP can now only afford to lose ONE vote to defeat Democrats. Kenya's defense chief dies in helicopter crash. Michael Avenatti says he’s talking to Trump’s legal team — and would testify for the ex-prez. Letitia James asks judge to block Trump's $175 million bond from civil fraud case. Senate GOP moves to require ICE notification when an illegal alien tries to buy a gun. NY Home Depot hires guards, dogs to keep parking lot safe from thieves, aggressive migrants. Third House Republican backs move to oust Johnson, leaving speaker needing Dem support. Tucker Carlson says UFOs are piloted by 'spiritual entities' with bases 'under the ocean and the ground'. San Jose homeless meeting turns NASTY: residents shout down woke mayor over plans for 'safe sleeping' camp beside their $3 million homes. Ex-Fauci adviser shared ‘confidential’ NIH info with EcoHealth about COVID biosafety levels: docs. NYC high school soccer game canceled after group of about 30 migrants refuse to leave the field — even after cops showed up. NY town fights legal battle to block migrant kids from moving into childcare center. Biden Drops $300 Million (Of Your Cash) on Sanctuary Cities. Explosion rocks military base in Iraq housing Iranian-aligned forces. Michelle Obama goes ‘undercover’ at Target to promote her book: ‘It’s a secret mission’. UK police arrest man for ‘Hamas is terrorist’ sign. California police union executive director ran fentanyl operation from home: feds (2023 March). Donald Trump Jr. says ex-wife Vanessa was afraid of Diddy and doesn't believe his long-term girlfriend Kim Porter died of pneumonia. Supreme Court Could Upend America's Immigration Rules. The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in a case that could have legal ramifications for noncitizen unions and the wider U.S. immigration system. Major Breakthrough: Graphene Batteries FINALLY Hit the Market. Squatter crisis could force homeowners to take matters into their own hands if cops keep being reluctant. More news.
Photo from: International Business Times


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Katlin Beale
Katlin Beale 27 days ago

Ash, thanks for gathering all of this news and posting it. You report on so many things that I don't hear about anywhere else.

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Thank you so much it means a lot to me Katlin :)

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