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zinc helps raise glutathione levels -> helps degrade graphene oxide

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 1,380 Views
Published on 15 Jul 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Could zinc help those who have had the vax? Curiously it also helps prevent 'covid' symptoms. A good supplement to have on hand in any case. This video is simply a discussion (sorry you have to read the subtitles) of how zinc could help and also anecdotal comments about a nurse who's taken it and it has reduced her 'magnetism'. Sharing in case you know someone who's taken it. Also for those who've taken it, DuckDuckGo "pine needle tea". Contains a substance that helps prevent the unlawful altering of DNA. We will no doubt find out more in the future but it's worth sharing what we have now to help. Please share below if you have heard of anything to counteract the vax!


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Another thing you need to take into consideration my romantic Warriors, during a staged protest worldwide event, the Freemason fake Jews from The Book of Revelation can test all their surveillance equipment in every city. Think about that.

Smart cities can track from the moment you come into the city to the location of where your house is. If you do not have the support of your country's military, and your country's police, these protests are a way to track down those whom need to be rounded up. JADE HELM 15 renamed COVID-19 Depopulation Radiation Microwave Mutations on your cell phone number tracking number....

[Q+} The Pen` ?️?️?️ if you want to be scanned too help ??????? These FREE MASON Lodges in your hometowns than you are a fool.... We nonmason Gentile populations DO NOT GO TO PROTEST ??????

Now, go have fun while the Mindless Masses all get Geo-Tagged for RED FLAG LAWS to be taken to FEMA CAMPS at a later date ????.....

#TheCrewRRR ??????????

Stay out of it for this is All planned out by the Jesuit Zionist Freemason lodges whom are The FAKE JEWS of Hollywood from The Book of Revelation.... #NURATU ????????

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