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πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« You Might NOT Be a Freethinker, But a CULT Member Instead, If ...

Sol Luckman
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Published on 01 Dec 2023 / In News and Politics

🎬 This was just a teaser of Chapter 5 of Sol Luckman’s controversial new book, THE WORLD CULT & YOU. The full chapter is available exclusively to trial and paid subscribers here:

πŸ“š Read a lengthy excerpt, or the complete ebook with a trial or paid subscription, here:

πŸ“¬ To access all 13 installments of this audio-videobook serialization as they’re made available, become a paid subscriber here:

β˜•οΈ β˜•οΈ β˜•οΈ Support this hard-working indie author with a cup or 3 of creative fuel:

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πŸ”‹ Are you one of the few people living today who don’t regularly give away their personal power to an established or clandestine cult?

πŸͺ« Whether you answered β€œyes” or β€œno,” you owe it to yourself to take the ULTIMATE RED PILL that is THE WORLD CULT & YOU if you genuinely long to break free by innerstanding how this simulacrum of β€œreality” actually works.

πŸ’‘ Following in the footsteps of the great American philosopher and iconoclast Henry David Thoreau, award-winning and international bestselling author Sol Luckman levels a scintillating and sweeping social critique in this masterful examination of our contemporary culture characterized by cults and cultishness at all levels.

πŸͺ¬ Theorizing the existence of a World Cult divided into endless sub-cults all ultimately controlled by a spiritual adversary and designed to control humanity in turn, Luckman brilliantly blends together simulation theory, quantum bioholography, lucid dreaming, Gnosticism, shamanism and philosophical skepticism to paint a sobering yet empowering (for the open-minded) picture of today’s consciousness landscape.

πŸ” The text also transcends theory and philosophy by including a selection of thought-provoking original memes by the author as well as a wealth of purely practical material. You’ll learn:

βœ… How to identify your cults and cult handlers;

βœ… A system for rating your own or another’s degree of cultification;

βœ… Who your greatest teacher is and why this matters;

βœ… Strategies for taking back your energy and protecting yourself from the World Cult; and

βœ… Tried and true techniques for building up personal power, with many practical, even tangible potential results.

πŸ“š The endgame of this spiritual classroom we call the earthβ€”to consciously exit not just the World Cult but the world itselfβ€”is also discussed at length.

πŸ‘€ DISCLAIMER: Affiliate links possibly afoot. Trolls banned immediately. No medical claims made. Opinions expressed here are just that. Growing up is your responsibility.

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