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World to End: Women & Minorities Hardest Hit

David Knight
David Knight - 173 Views
Published on 09 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Can we refuse to take these people seriously? Washington Post says climate change responsible for violence against women, New York Times says breeding short people could save the planet.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

Your vid could not be shown nor downloaded...

Increased violence is due to the secretive brainchip implants that the Freemasonic Medical Mafia perform once a target is isolated. Then the target can be "turned" into a biorobot... maybe even a brainchipzombie that mimicks the actions of an "undead zombie". The freemasons sit back in masonic lodges swilling beer laughing at the dying sheeple.:

Violence against women is encouraged by brainchip mind-control driving targets crazy... some brainchipped targets even try to kill others and themselves:

The breeding of genetically altered people has been going on in Deep Underground Military Bases by Freemasonic Medical Mafia for decades, David...

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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 3 months ago

Please go to google translate =

In 1st Box under Latin, spell this out =

Cor ona virus, with the 2 spaces

In 2nd Box, Click English.

Latin is the devil & his minions preferred language.

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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 3 months ago

Have a safe & great weekend.

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