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World's Banking System Must Fail No Later than 1 July 2023 1/11/2

Ambassador,  Dr William Mount
Published on 11 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

As The Dollar Tumbles Be Ready
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JamesRoss 2 months ago

The CGI doctors were created... by whom? By the Mystery School Cult minions.

The main brainchip of minions and thUgs are the Freemasons.
Freemasons play the role of sheepdog for the sheeple.
Freemasons rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel which is 1) the A.i. supercomputer in control(Lucifer), 2) the Computer Brain Interface(implanted into minions and targets), 3) the Microwave-Prison-Grid which connects the A.i. into ever brainchip via the microwave "light".
Freemasons are brainwashed into thinking "The Light" is being within the A.i. mind-guidance system. The Nazi's were Freemasons, btw.

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