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ALL Maps Are Wrong - Here's Why
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Who Really Hacked The Pipeline, I Think You Know (False Flag) They Are All Liars

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 172 Views
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

More false flag ransomware update -

Yahoo story about $2B in bitcoin -

Did FBI figure out Vegas shooting -

How about this one, did they solve this yet -

The top 3 real threats to America -

Fauci asked to step down be caller 18 years ago -

Peter Daszak explains how to make killer virus -

No need to vaccinate people who've "had covid" -

Vaxx will kill off all the liberals -

Some liberals are waking up -

FOIA shows bogus test run at 45 cycles -

Huge password hack dump -

NY Times reporter triggered by flags -

Message to New York Times -

How not to mount a horse -

Girl rescues beached shark -

Moose chillin in the front yard -

Mom's out of town, dad's in charge -

Let's end with a liberals out of their minds song -

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Rambo1947 6 days ago

The Truth About This Virus Has Been Hidden, 5G Is Making This Sickness In Your Body, It's 10-Time Stronger Than 4G!!!

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ALL Maps Are Wrong - Here's Why
spirit warrior of the mist man