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Watch- Mysterious Lights In The Sky Puzzle Residents In Punjab City.mp4

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Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Watch: Mysterious Lights In The Sky Puzzle Residents In Punjab City

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goosegatherer 1 month ago

Ignorance is indeed abundant , but like stupidity it is never compulsory. Ignorance robs people of seeing the obvious even when people stare but don't understand. Common sense is sadly in very short supply on this video. Even children in school learn that when several objects all appear to fly in a straight line with a uniform unaltering fixed space in-between each object , there must be something creating that spacing in unison. In this "made to fool the doorknobs" video we see a line of lights flying in unison in the night sky where the spacings are all the same. The spacings remain the same because the line to which the lights are tied to remains in constant tension because of the towing object a direct tension on the towing line. This children's party joke is achieved quite simply by tying the lights onto a line at similar distances and towing the line behind a light plane , or a model plane, or any object that can ....once in the air , maintain the necessary tension to keep the line tight. The weight of the lights keeps the pressure on the line and so all the lights will maintain the same distance apart as they were tied onto the line before being pulled into the sky. The reason this scam works only in THE DARK is because during the daylight the lights would need to be powerful and heavy to produce a beam strong enough to be seen in day light from the ground AND with day light the towing object would also be easily seen and thus this is strictly a night time game. As I stated at the beginning , stupidity is never compulsory....YOU choose to be an idiot who is easily fooled

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