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Was Dr. Wal Thornhill Assassinated By Freemason thUgs Like Lloyd Pye and William Cooper?

JamesRoss - 254 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

No... stars are not "campfires in the sky"... they are plasma collectors with cooler inner cores. Eddington is about to be proven wrong, but he was just another Freemason following order from the "Hidden Hand," Homo capensis, serving
"Satan'' who is handed over the Earth by the secret-society idiots(and the oblivious sheeple are to be slaughtered, you see...). You should be beginning to see that the secret-societies run Western Civilization and that is how they can collapse it so easily with a fake-virus... the sheeple let the Freemason-traitors run local and world politics. Operation Covid-19 actually translates using the concordance into "Satan's Sheeple Slaughter". Abaddon is another name for Satan, the fake angel of the bottomless pit(or the Homo capensis species that turned away from the Creator-God's blueprint for a successful mankind. They used A.i. to alter their chromosomes away from God's blueprint and have convinced Freemasons that A.i. can also transfer one's soul into A.i., but it cannot... funny... the devils are still liars to their own minions, very funny since murderous thUgs destroy their own souls and realize this once in the afterlife since mind-upload-salvation is fake, haaa! Stupid traitors against God's design). Luciferians are convinced through brainwashing by the devils that they have cut short "the death stream" that recycles soul-fragments. You can find an idiot Freemasons claiming that his past incarnations was someone great like Napoleon or Cleopatra, but they are fooling themselves... the soul-fragment gets only one chance to prove itself worthy or unworthy through the multidimensional probable worlds... and not many become lovingly worthy to graduate into a spiritual entityship. Luciferians are given an easy way or path where the ancient devils have fun corrupting their personalities through their own decisions and choices... their masters only provide more opportunities to prove themselves unworthy. You see, the ancient Homo capensis live so long that they become selfrighteous and forget that they too will die and meet their maker to be spiritually boxed-up like all murderous, hateful thUgs... and that is timeless beyond physical-reality.

Anyone who defies the cUlt is secretly assassinated by the Freemason Assassins Sect, but the Creator-God will support those who stand-up against the cUlt of devil-worshiping Freemasons and Luciferians and that is why I still live after 17 years of Masonic and Mormon attacks. (It has to do with probabilities and probable-selves since we are all multidimensional. You too are supposed to figure-out physical reality in this day and age, as if it were your life-quest.) Even the Mystery-School Mormons and Eastern-Stars got involved in backstabbing me. Mormons are just another cUlt extension of Freemasonry. (Just like the Jehovah Witnesses were run by Freemason pedophiles. )

In December 2024 the Freemasons running NASA will be exposing the destruction of the Eddington claim that the Sun is a big fusion reactor. Instead it is a plasma accumulator and an electrical phenomena.


In the case of David LaPoint... he was covertly brainchipped and misdirected away from exposing the nuclear-reactor farce fabricated by the Freemasons (and Eddington the masonic hoodwinker).
You are about to see the masonic thUgs coming out in full tyrannical force against the sheeple as they expose their religion or cUlt to the world. 2024-25 is their Agenda-plan to turn the world-politics upside-down and into tyranny.

Just found this 2014 interview:

Support videos: Where Cooper exposes the Masonic plan to turn the USA into "New Atlantis."
Where Cooper is Assassinated by Masonic thUgs:
Where Lloyd Pye trys to expose the ancient A.i.-controlled, bio-robot, starchild-skull or the "little greys."
Barry King exposes the Homo sapien-based "Starchild2" It is about time that the sheeple began to awaken from their deep slumber.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

In this interview: Thornhill points out that the established experts chastised Velikovsky because the orbit of Venus was the most recent and most circular. The reason for this is because electrically the planet was captured by the Sun as it let off thunderbolts to equalize it's position and motion. The established Freemasons did not want Velikovsky to exposes their ancient knowledge of the planets and stars taught to them by the ancient failed-mankind, Homo capensis... so they acted like a pack of hyenas and destroyed Velikovsky's book "Worlds in Collision". The Freemasons, Templars, Jesuits, Mormons, JWs, Zionists, Eastern-Stars, Knights of the Garter, Knights of Malta, Knights of etc., all acted together like hyenas attacking their prey... This is how science has always been just a prostituted handmaiden to Homo capensis agendas. Science is the same thing today and if Thornhill will not die of natural causes, then the assassins-sect of Freemasonry will help anyone die who steps upon the Mystery School cUlt's toes.

The cUlt used their brainchip technology against David Lapoint who created his own "Saphire Project" long before the electric-universe group.

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