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US PATENT Iron and Graphene Nano-Tech activated by Frequency.mp4

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 343 Views
Published on 09 Apr 2022 / In Health

US PATENT Iron and Graphene Nano-Tech activated by Frequency

2020 US Patent revealing how the iron and graphene nano-tech injections will be activated by Frequency. Link to US Patent,

Thank you for going through this patent Diana. You make everything so easy to understand. You are so greatly appreciated.

People have too much trust in todays 'science' that they push in the medical industry. Trust NO man, and take NO injection no matter how much they try to coerce you.

“These so called test are also being used to sequence and archive DNA of everyone who has taken it. Imagine what their planning on doing with this most intimate personalized identifier data? If you have not taken one of these fraudulent covid test. Please do not be deceived. your very survival and future may depend upon it.” John Smith


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