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PPN World News Headlines - 7 Feb 2023
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US Forbids Russian Fertilizers, Grains into World Market

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Published on 11 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

"The United States and the EU continue to prevent Russian fertilizers, grains and agricultural products from entering the world markets. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, spoke at a regular briefing about the situation that has developed in relation to the Grain Deal. On November 2, Russia resumed participation in the agreements on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports after receiving, with the mediation of Turkey, written guarantees from Kyiv not to use the humanitarian corridor for military purposes. We hope that the Zelensky regime will fulfill these guarantees better than the Minsk agreements. And, we regret that there is still no progress on the Russian part of the grain deal. Let me remind you that it was a package. That is how it was proposed, how it was seen, and, I hope, still sees by the Secretary General of the United Nations. The US and the EU continue to prevent our fertilizers and agricultural products from entering the world markets. We will take this into account when considering the advisability of extending the grain deal."
"On November 18, Russia may withdraw from the Grain Deal"

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 3 months ago

of course we did. Not we, but the Satanic U.S. Government & the Satanic globalist cabal that wants to control all life on Earth. & eliminate a good portion of it.
The object is to wipe out nearly 80% of the world's population.
Russia has gone out of their way to preserve life.
Wipe out the Nazi's & bio labs. That was what Putin stated, that is what is being done.

You think that hurricane Ian was aimed at Florida to "get" DeSantis for bucking fake Biden's administration? (We all know the weather is created & manipulated.)
No. Here? There are more fertilizer plants where it hit than anywhere else in the country.
Check this, scroll down & read the lists, but pay close attention to the info on the blue map...
50% of a farmers budget is spent on fertilizer.
Biggest source on Earth?
Take away the fertilizer, take away the food growth.

now, I'll go watch the vid.

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PPN World News Headlines - 7 Feb 2023
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