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UN Funding Migrant Wave, Soros In Charge Of Voter Rolls & It's Always Been About Power & Control

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 351 Views
Published on 21 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

UN is funding the illegal immigrant push -

This is why democrats stay on the plantation -

And if you're a doctor, they just kill you -

This debate will never happen, they only do propaganda -

George Soros runs the voter rolls cleanup company -

Rush was right, they want to eliminate elections -

It won't be long before the names of pedos are leaked -

Gates says far worse pandemics are coming -

Why does anyone listen to this psycho Gates -

He's also a climate expert -

Are they really worried about carbon output -

More proof this is not about your health or science -

They will push until you push back -

Do you feel the shift, Czech PM ends vaxx mandates -

Dictators panic as covid shift begins -

This POS won't stop, vaxx approval for under age 5 coming -

Commiefornia wants true equity by swapping children -

How do we engage your brain -

Steve Inman -

Song - Hi-Rez - Programmed -

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anonymous143 4 months ago

See all those homeless people out there the past 7 years? Believe it or not, many of them never thought they'd be blacklisted from jobs, rentals, healthcare..etc. Nobody surely thought even the churches and charities would fuck them around! Instead everybody laughed and mocked and said it was the dems. Be ashamed. You're probably next unless you sell out as usual to shove food in your fat, bearded, faces. Beyond disgusted by humans in general. Be culled

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Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith 4 months ago

My face aint fat, but I hear ya

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Theroadtroll 4 months ago

Mine as well hire illegals to start bringing hydroxy and ivermectin across the border.they could tape some to the kilos of heroin or meth

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