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It Begins… Chicago Migrant Crisis 🔥 Chicago residents rage over migrant crisis 🚨 NYC Migrant Crisis

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Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In News and Politics

It Begins… Chicago Migrant Crisis 🔥 Chicago residents rage over migrant crisis 🚨 NYC Migrant Crisis
While Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has blamed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the influx of migrants to Chicago, many Chicago residents are directing their frustration at local officials. One long-time Chicago resident, Cata Truss, defended Abbott's actions and said the crisis is pushing her away from supporting Democrats in upcoming elections.

Truss argued that before sending migrants to Chicago, Texas was overwhelmed handling the daily arrival of immigrants crossing the southern border. She said as Chicagoans complain about receiving migrants now, they should imagine what Texans have been experiencing routinely.

Truss suggested Chicago should take responsibility for the situation rather than faulting Abbott. She indicated the migrant crisis and local leaders' response to it are leading her to rethink voting for Democrats like Pritzker, as she believes they are deflecting blame rather than addressing the issue.

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