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UK to Send Apache Helicopters armed with Hellfire Missiles to Ukraine

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 15 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

The British Government is sending a new support package to Ukraine arming them with Apache helicopters possessing deadly missiles to aid them in their fight against Russia. British media reported that the helicopters are armed with Hellfire anti-tank missiles and could be of significant tactical importance on the battlefield. Britain sending the Apache AH64 E – the most modern version, which can take out multiple targets in seconds. Each Apache can be armed with up to 76 Hydra 70mm rockets ,a 30mm chain gun and 16 anti-tank Hellfires. This means four Apaches could wipe out an entire regiment of 70 tanks within moments. For further information about the AGM-114L Hellfire missile , watch the following video!

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