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Tucker Carlson JUST Revealed What The Government Is Trying To Hide.

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 28 Feb 2024 / In News and Politics

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joesizzle 2 months ago

Hey Tucker read in our Constitution where the Feds guarantee a Republican form of Government to each State in the Union.

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joesizzle 2 months ago

I love it, same as the liquor store.

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TwoFeather 2 months ago

I would take it a step further. have Open Televised elections. where the vote you cast is seen by everyone.
that way anybody watching can count the votes and prove beyond a doubt who got the most votes.
these people like joe blow bidden and billy boy luvin gates, are all the same.
they say whites are the problem.
whites are living beyond their means and have too much stuff.
whites are destroying the planet by driving their vehicles.
bidden and gates are Both white. they both are living beyond their means. both travel far more than any of us do.
both have Multiple houses. bidden current residence has 132 Rooms, 35 Bathrooms.
both frequently globe hop around on jets, burning those fossil fuels they condemn You of using.
and both say there are Too Many People on the planet.
so, if they truly believe in their cause, shouldn't they Lead By Example and be the First to end their lives.

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