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TRUMP Georgia Indictment + Biden Gets HUMILIATED By China and other news

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Published on 16 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

Stephen Gardner update: GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson successfully averted a government shutdown by proposing a continuing resolution, primarily supported by Democrats due to funding decisions made in 2022. Despite objections from some Republicans seeking funding cuts, 127 of them joined Johnson in supporting the measure. The bill covers essential areas like healthcare, education, and infrastructure but falls short on addressing border security, causing discontent among Republicans. The resolution delays progress until early 2024. In international affairs, President Biden hosted China's President Xi Jinping, with Xi opting out of dinner with Biden in favor of meeting CEOs in San Francisco, signaling a focus on commerce over diplomacy. Joe Manchin expressed his intention to run for president, emphasizing the need for middle-ground politics. The Pentagon confirmed attacks on U.S. troops by Iran-proxy forces in Iraq and Syria. Declassified intelligence revealed Hamas's use of hospitals for military purposes in Gaza, contested by conflicting reports. Turkish President Erdogan labeled Israel a terrorist state, urging an international investigation. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu defended the battle against Hamas, claiming it as a global cause. A report disclosed billionaires, including Warren Buffet and George Soros, behind a controversial abortion pill. Donald Trump Jr. testified in the New York fraud trial involving the Trump Organization. The trial in the Trump-Georgia case may extend until 2025, potentially coinciding with Trump's possible presidential bid. Hunter Biden seeks to subpoena Trump and Barr in his criminal case, alleging politically motivated prosecution.

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