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Tribunals ( part 2 ) Madyson Marquette

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 602 Views
Published on 31 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Tribunals ( part 2 ) Madyson Marquette.

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renosimpson 2 months ago

So say Trump really has a plan and Q is real and they lock up the cabal.. Nothing changes for us, the cops will still be murdering and enforcing tyrannical laws, the legal and medical system is still corrupt and he won’t change that and if he does it won’t happen till long after most of us are long dead. Banks will still own everything and you will still be paying taxes on everything you don’t actually own. Nothing changes accept Trump will be at the top of the pyramid scheme. I actually think Trump has a plan but noting changes, the Sick will still not have treatment the homeless will still be homeless, the hungry will still starve. Fuck it I could care less if the county implodes nothing will change it will only benefit the already wealthy and people in power. Complete anarchy sounds like freedom to me. I have lost a large portions of my life and everything to all this corruption and BS especially the last 12 year. The covid and election is just a slap in the face just a fucking joke to me.

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TwoFeather 2 months ago

would be a great day if the globalist were in prison.
but I don't see that happening because the whole system is corrupt.
It would take down the entire political and judicial system if One High Level globalist went down.
they all have dirt on all others is why they never get taken down.
sure a few Low Hanging Fruit will be sacrificed. but never the head snake.

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