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!! This Guy Destroys Physics Gravity Newton Einstein, All At Once - And The System Destroys His Life

rms3303 - 138 Views
Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In Science

EDIT: Follow up video:

I believe we have found his channel: and some is on

Road To Perpetual Motion Playlist:

Not sure why I haven't heard of this guy before I Believe it's 'Nigel C Cheese'?), and shout out to 'illuminutty' - one of my viewers for linking this to me..

So here you have it, this guy is living proof that they will fukn destroy you if you attempt to break or disrupt the system and current paradigm. 37+ years they hid his video and intel/work, raided his home, took his kid, until he finally moved to Croatia and clapped back.

I think this video is super important (also not monetizing it - too sensitive), and If any of you figure out who the guy is or how to reach him I'd like to connect somehow, shit just got really real compared to my little marble loop ramps and magnet setup attempts..

I've been saying "I think I'll be one degree of separation away from figuring it out" as I'm sure others have, and maybe they just need a push or a partner or some resources.. Also this guy is way above my current understanding of how all this works so I'm happy to see people taking it this far on a real level, just not happy how the universe did this guy in return for it. We even share the same initials, randomly cool, he's now part of my karmic family tree.

More Love,

#NigelCheese #FreeEnergy #MagnetMotors

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