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THIRD Female Swimmer Speaks Out After Male Trans Athlete CRUSHES Women's Swim Records

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 203 Views
Published on 15 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

The Luciferians believe in Homo capensis' superiority over humanity. They were the ancient masters who gave freemasonry all their high-tech weapons to slaughter the sheep with...
Homo capensis got rid of their own females because of population control and since they had developed cloning to a perfection which was even enhancing intellect, but stripped courage out of themselves by error.
The Freemasons are guided by the ancients and the plan is to wipe out women... no cloning women in the future... they are cloning now...
The reason is to degrade the desire for anyone to be a woman... predictive programming the sheep, you see, because the Templars were always homosexual if they wanted to "fit-in" to that Cult.

The non-Cult people will oppose the elimination of women so the Mystery School is just genociding the non-Cult people off of Earth.

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