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The Sumerian Disk-With-Wings is Replaced With a Modern Crown In 5th Column countries

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Published on 04 Jun 2024 / In Technology

Who are "the 5th Column Countries?" (Unicorn is the sheeple, lion is the Mystery School henchmen)

Once your realize that an ancient species is still living amoungst Homo sapiens... Historical mysteries begin to be discovered.

The extremely thin Homo capensis species has an elongated skull and would likely be a very good, sleek swimmer. I saw one of these ancient looking monsters in Winnipeg at about New-Years 2019. It had ankles thinner than the thinest woman I met and very big blue eyes that didn't seem as old as the grayish skin on his face. A hoodie kept me from identifying his elongated skull... and I didn't even know their species was even still alive back in 2019, let alone ruling the Freemasons and other secret society thUgs and henchmen.

In this video, a swimming man taught the summerians how to built up a city quicker... Why? Because Homo capensis is used to hiding and parasiting off the labours of the oblivious.
Within a city there are lots of places these elongated monsters could hide, so they need cities or underground hide-outs like the hundreds of DUMBs the USA Black-ops created.

And with these ancient monsters comes their ancient technology like the magnetic neuron interface:

Watching a video like this now, I can see the resemblance of the Summerian plaque which has many similarity to say the British and Canadian or Austrailian Coat-Of-Arms.
The Crown is replaced by the Egyptian or Summerian disk with wings. The disk is the sun-god or Osiris or HORUS or A.i. IEHOVA or Lucifer, while the wings are made-up of many fingers of control over the environment.

All the puzzle pieces begin to fit together once you realize that the genocidal-Freemasons, Knights-Templar, Jesuits, Assassins-Sect, Knights of the Garter, Eastern-Star, etc.,


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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Floods on water-planets happen if the globe is not totally balanced:
The narrator missed this one.
Also, what caused the great iceage?
It was the transfer of Earth from it's participation orbiting the Proto-Saturnic solar system to our current "Sweet-spot" 3rd orbit from the Sun. Other water planets like Titon and Triton are freezing up more and more. Their still may be some Remnant-Lumanians living or surviving in those cold conditions... maybe a rescue mission is being planned by the NASA-Freemasons' masters.

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